Ancillary Features

Bring Electricity outlet into garden (for Xmas tree mainly) from street light pole nearest “the Point” (perhaps via one of the new entrances to minimize construction impacts on Garden plantings).

Run water line into the garden (via old Seaman entrance?) & 5 new spigots. (Parks: 4) Hide water meter station.Parks Department Drawing - August 1998

Drinking fountain. (Near Seaman entrance to minimize construction?) (Don’t disturb arbor at entrance.)

Permanent plantings as needed to replace those damaged in the construction (e.g., perennials & bulbs, sod, small evergreen shrubs, Japanese maple, groundcovers). New pond and waterfalls shaped with a liner rather than a pre-formed shell, towards “the Point”.

3 additional solar collectors and water pump for new and existing waterfalls. Parks provides ~$5K fund from original allocation for RING to purchase and install these after reconstruction?

New benches inside – (e.g. on side of old and new entrances, in meditative cove and along north stepping stones)

Sculpture garden – (Parks’ idea: brass squirrels, turtles, frogs, butterflies?)

More lighting inside – (The solar-driven ones (w/batteries)?) Stone walls around London Plane trees. (Prune these trees back to allow light, visibility, reduce interference)


New, two-seater (Parks: 4′ world’s fair) benches with impenetrable dividers down the middle of each, away from new fence. Locations along Dyckman Street sidewalk in five groups. (Remove old benches)

3-4 trash / recycling stations on Dyckman sidewalk. Make these cans accessible to Parks’ garbage trucks without them having to drive on sidewalk.

Remove Riverside Drive parking meters to permit more sidewalk use. Extend sidewalk back out to preexisting line.

3 more Bulletin boards – (Parks: look at Bulletin Boards in Wash. Square Park playground, SE of arch.)

Large, self-standing map and legend sign of Garden Plantings for “the Point”. (On reverse of sign: RING History and Volunteer Opportunities). Also, a dedicatory plaque for Messinger, etc., somewhere.

A few high planters for large shrubs – (e.g. butterfly bushes and evergreens) along parked cars, Dyckman side (RING maintains shrubs; Parks replants if necessary?)

Continued: Reconstruction Process