The Riverside-Inwood Neighborhood Garden (RING)RING moves to the Lt. Tighe Triangle.
Moves to the Lt. William Tighe Triangle

After having been one of the first community gardens in New York City to be bulldozed (in November 1987), the RING gardeners worked for two years to move operations to an asphalted Parks Dept. owned triangle at the confluence of Broadway, Dyckman Street, Riverside Drive and Seaman Avenue.

This triangle was mostly empty but composed of cracked asphalt that was strewn with trash and loaves of bread left for the pigeons. The Triangle had been on our radar for some time since it was considered to be a centrally-located spot for a garden. In 1989 RING secured grants in the amount of $5,000 from Assemblyman Murtaugh and Senator Leichter and $1,000 from the Columbia Presbyterian Neighborhood Fund.

During a September 1989 meeting with Manhattan Parks Commissioner, Pat Pompisello, it was agreed that RING should move to the Triangle and that it would become Manhattan’s second Green Streets garden. RING would purchase plants and railroad ties to hold in soil in a raised garden, much as we had done with the first garden. Parks would truck in soil, erect a chain link fence, and hammer together our railroad ties.

In early spring 1990, Parks transformed the triangle to a giant, raised-bed garden, ready for planting RING was given the use of a stone shed nearby on Broadway at Thayer Street for our tools. By summer, RING volunteers had transformed the Triangle to a garden and won its first of many Mollie Parnis’ Dress Up Your Neighborhood Contests.

In 1994 RING received a grant in the approximate amount of $1,000 from Borough President Ruth Messinger, which was used to purchase our first solar photovoltaic cell, our first pond, and our weatherproof bulletin board.

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