Butterflies at RING

Since 1995, the RING has held its Butterfly Festival during the last week of July or the first weekend in August. In 1996, seven species of butterflies graced the four butterfly bushes.  Some years there have been as many as 10 species of butterfly.  Our Butterfly Festivals honor the Butterfly, which has had a tough time of it. 

Eastern Black and Pipevine Swallowtails and Monarchs (the familiar orange and black striped), Skippers, and Azures will also come.  The butterfly bushes are covered with fragrant lavender blossoms in summer, and the scarlet bee balm, yellow, black eyed susans, echinacea, asclepias incarnata, and baby blue scabiosa are all in bloom, beckoning the butterflies to make an appearance. We’ve had everything from Monarchs to Swallowtails (three kinds — Tiger, Eastern Black and Spicebush), Commas, Red Admirals, American Painted Ladies, Frittilaries, Skippers, Sulfurs, Azures, and the everpresent Cabbage Whites.  Most of these show up every year

Do join us for a mid-summer get-together; sip some lemonade and munch on cookies. It’s a perfect opportunity to introduce your friends and neighbors to the garden.  We are open most Saturday mornings all summer. The Butterflies are invited and so are YOU. 

Want to learn how to grow your own butterfly garden?  Click here to download a PDF guide.