Announcing RING Gardeners certification program!

Want to be a certified RING Gardener? RING Needs more Members to know the ropes, and we’re happy to teach you! Maggie and Alison will be conducting free training in several aspects of gardening this Spring TOPICS: Pruning Dividing perennials Planting and Transplanting Early and late spring weeds March 28 through May 30 Want toContinue reading “Announcing RING Gardeners certification program!”

Come to RING this weekend (and other neat stuff)

Hi RINGers, This Labor Day weekend, gardening and orientation will take place Saturday, 1-3 pm with Maggie Sunday, 2-4 pm with Alison Come on out! Check out the new photo album on the RING Garden Facebook site!   We really had a big shindig at our 25th anniversary celebration thanks to the great volunteers whoContinue reading “Come to RING this weekend (and other neat stuff)”