Enjoy RING this weekend!

Hi RINGers,

Our garden coordinators are off this weekend, but those of you who have the combination are encouraged to open RING to the public, and do things you know how to do. Easy things include weeding the lawn of broad-leaved species and watering the garden and the lawn. Sifting compost is needed too. Not sure how to do these things? Check out the RING website “How-To” page and links. Next weekend, Alison will be in the garden Sunday, August 10 from 11am to 2pm, and the following weekend, Alison will be there to guide volunteers August 16 and 17 from 11 to 2.

Remember to join and post to our Facebook Group, RING Garden, and come out to the garden. A garden coordinator will be out there most Saturdays to guide and instruct. Now that we are into summertime, these are the important tasks:

  •  Watering (if it hasn’t rained lately / ground is dry)
  • Weeding (if it has been raining) – easy to learn one or two weeds
  •  Sifting compost (mixing it too) and spreading the beautiful compost on our soil * Mowing (the lawn needs it once a week)

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