RING gardening has begun for 2013! Join us tomorrow Sunday and next weekend

Hi RINGers!

This afternoon Donna, Martia and Maggie started the spring gardening season by pruning a number of rose bushes. That will continue tomorrow at 1pm. If you’re not knowledgeable about rose bush trimming, do not fear. There are plenty of things to do. Spring is one of those times of year when a lot of things need doing quickly while the "window is open".

In March some (not all) bushes can be pruned. Hydrangeas can be trimmed. There are dead leaves on last year’s perennials that need picking off so that this year’s new growth can see the sun. Raking of leaves and turning the compost are other things that happen in early spring. Soon we can start dividing and rearranging the perennials.

In the meantime, enjoy the bulbs that are starting to come up. There are a few crocus and a lonely mini iris at the Point!

We will try to have a regular schedule on Saturdays from now on, weather permitting.

And a BIG BIG thank you to Juan Leal who comes in frequently all year round to clean up and other small, but important, tasks.


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