New items purchased for RING

RING has a hot-off-the-press  brand new colorful banner to announce our Flea Markets!  It should be up tonight, Friday, April  27th.  In future, it’ll be on display a week ahead of the Flea Market Saturday.  
RING  also has a brand new entryway sign posted at each of its 3 entrances which will be up before too long.  These signs feature the new sunflower banner logo which is posted above and on our Facebook group. If you haven’t already, you should join our  Facebook  group,,  and start sharing your thoughts, suggestions and comments regarding RING.  We want this year to be pivotal in our use of social media to communicate amongst ourselves.   If you have ideas for doing ANYTHING, put them out there!  Let’s talk.  Remember, RING runs entirely on volunteer ideas and energy.  The more the better.

Three metal mailboxes have been pruchased which will make garden info brochures available to the community 24/7. I’m thinking to paint or marker in gold on them:  “Garden Info”.  

All of these items and a lot of plants and fish food were purchased with grant funding from our Councilmember, Robert Jackson! Thank You Councilman Jackson!

Councilman Robert Jackson


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