RING is officially open for the season!

It’s April and the garden is officially open for the season!  We start gardening in earnest, we have our first event (Flea Market on the 28th!), and Parks starts to require open hours (we need your help!).   Welcome to the new members!

This Saturday, April 7th – Gardening, RING planners meeting
If you’re interested in gardening, the Garden Team is going to be out and we’re looking for new members.  It’s nice to have but you don’t absolutely need gardening experience; we can train you in everything from planting to weeding to watering, pruning, plant ID and how different ones grow, dividing perennials, etc.  This will be starting around 2pm, so come join us.

The RING planners will be meeting in the garden at 11:30 to discuss this year’s purchases and other decisions that need to be made.  If you’ve been a member and interested in serving on the planners board, come join us.

Time to Renew your membership?
Has it been more than a year since you’ve sent in member dues?  You can fix that right up by mailing in the attached form with a check for $10 (yup, still only $10), and you know you’re helping to buy plants, tools, fish food, pond supplies, signs, and well, everything.

Other Volunteering Opportunities
has a couple of other active committees that are also looking for volunteers.

  • RING Pond committee – Do you like our goldfish and want to help keep them healthy?  It’s more than just feeding them every day.  We have pumps, a biofilter and other equipment that circulates the water that  you can learn about and keep clean and operational.  The water itself needs testing and amendments from time to time.  We need to keep supplied with fish food and pond chemicals, so purchasing is important.  If you’re interested to join the Pond Team, please contact Annette: 212-567-1324 or pupchester@aol.com
  • RING Composting committee – Do you want to see your kitchen scraps become beautiful compost and help with that process?  Join the composting committee, learn about how composting is done, and join the team in doing the important operations of mixing and sifting.  Contact Catlin:  catlinrp@yahoo.com
  •  You can also host an event in the garden.  Just get the details together and contact the RING planners well beforehand.
  • There are lots of other volunteer opportunties since Everything we do is done by volunteers.  Check out RING‘s website for more information, https://ringgarden.wordpress.com and if you’d like to do something, let us know.  

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